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Barbara and her Mom

Barbara and Her Mom with Tyler

My mom. Gram of my four children. My best friend. She was always there for me and sacrificed everything to give me and my siblings all that she could. When my dad died way too early, she had never worked and didn't have any workable skills. She was a mom. And she could cook. But she didn't blink. She went out and cooked and worked her way up to restaurant manager. Crazy hard hours but no complaints ever. This is what one does. She worked hard for her three kids. We were poor but I never knew it. Because she found a way to give us all we needed. Strength, love and family.

She cried tears of joy when I left for college because she had never dreamed it could happen. She hadn't realized that she had given me the strength to never question that it wouldn't.

We were her everything. Later on her grandkids were her whole world. I was so lucky to have her with me raising my four children and they are who they are because she was in their lives every day giving them the same gifts she gave me.

She left us suddenly and way to soon, 87 years young and I miss her every minute of every day. I often still go to pick up the phone to call her to share a thought or something the kids have accomplished. I find myself cooking and feel her right beside me. But she is with me in the faces of my kids and the things they say and the memories they share. And she would be so proud of the people they have become.

And if you were to meet THEM you would know HER for they are filled with strength, love and family.

Love you mom.

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