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Jill and Sherry

Jill and Sherry

This is my friend, Jill.

Her 50th birthday was March 10th so I am celebrating her today!

In 1994, when we moved from NY (where I had lived for 32 years of my life) to NC my biggest concern was finding sincere friendships. Relationships are one of my most cherished possessions...truly, in life, what else is there?

When I met Jill at the church we visited she reached out with the warm Southern Hospitality I had heard of even though I was a Yankee. Our children were close in age and interestingly our houses were just a block away. That was the beginning of a lifetime relationship. Somehow "Friendship" doesn't seem to do our relationship the proper justice, so I will call it a "Sistership."

I am truly a better person for having Jill in my life for 21 years!

From those early days of forming this deep & trusted friendship we have shared a rich and full journey of ups & downs. We have seen each other through days of child-rearing, leaving professions & transitioning to full-time motherhood, (ladies that one takes good friendship to see you through), illness & death of loved ones, major marital bumps & celebrations, crazy teen years of our kids to our current unsettled empty nest status. We look forward to many more memories and years of supporting each other to come! Thankfully our husbands are good friends also.

I honor & celebrate my dear friend Jill Lalee Powell Ferguson today as I cycle these glorious roads of Bald Head FAVORITE place to ride! Jill, you're an amazing woman of Faith, Love & Hope!

Cheers my friend!


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