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Len and Bill

Len's Friend Bill

I would like you to meet Bill Hogan. We went to elementary school together. After elementary school our families moved to different towns in Massachusetts and we lost contact with each other. Twelve years later my sister married Ken Hogan, Bill's younger brother and this time we were reunited for life. Bill struggled with ALS for 16 years and lost the battle on July 14, 2014. The last 5 years of his life were tough to watch but Bill never complained, not even once. Although his body was crippled Bill found a way to do whatever he wanted to do. The day before he passed he mowed his lawn. He was remarkable in every way. Bill started a charity walk to honor a young girl in the neighborhood who died of leukemia. Typically, 400 people walked each year. The year Bill died more than 1000 people walked. He was special and while sending you this note I am reminded that I still shed a tear for him.


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