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Mike and Jim

Mike P and Jim

​​1976 – I was a 16 year old in a new town. I knew no one and stayed around the house wondering why we had to move, new school, new people, why?

After a few days of being miserable my mom urged me to check out a Youth Center in town. That night helped and changed my life. That evening a kid comes up to me out of the clear blue and says “You're new around here you want to hang out?” The next day I was at Jim’s house hanging out and being introduced to all his friends that quickly became mine.

Now 40 years later we have been through a lot together and still talk daily. We have worked for the same company, we have helped each other, with no need to ask for it because you just know. Jim is the Godfather to my 27 years old daughter Amanda, and a best friend figure for my whole family.

We have watched, and supported each other’s family through the years. I still run into friends from my early youth and it’s always good to see them but there is always that one person you can count no matter what. Writing this today I just reached out and will be having lunch with Jim Cometti today!

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