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Ricki and Cindy

Ricki and Cindy

My best friend has to be my husband, Bill, or all the wonderful dogs in my life, most recently, Dante and Nico, who love me without reservation, constantly and consumingly! My puppies, not husband Bill, which does not take away from his best friend status.

But still, my best friend has to be my cousin Cindy! Best friends since we were 3 years old. My mom left my dad in Puerto Rico, where I was born (I've always proudly told people I was Latino) and we moved in with Cindy, her mom, my mom's sister and husband in Raleigh, NC. We stayed for 3 years, until mom married the man I would come to know as my dad, when I was 6. Oh what a special time that was for me and cousin Cindy. She is all of 20 days older then me, so for those three years, we were like twins. Except I was the poor little Ricki from a divorced family, and Cindy was the oh so cute, outgoing precious little girl. She very well could tell a different story of how poor, pitiful Ricki got ALL this attention but she never let me forget she was the oldest!

What sustains a great friendship? Jealousy, resentment but most of all, a great love and respect that grows over the long years! Cindy had 2 sisters and a brother over the years, but nothing could hold up to the love and friendship we share. Oh yes, how many fights have we had over the years? How many times have we hurt one another? Not nearly as many times as we have shared our angst, our pain and been made stronger by the trust and love of each other! Oh so many times! We know the worse and best of one another. And no other human in this world, knows more about me then my cousin Cindy! All my dreaded secrets! And we have always been so proud of each other's accomplishments, and she has had many! Who do I trust most in my world...other then Dante and cousin Cindy. I am so blessed!

Love you cousin and bestest friend, Cindy!

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