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Tom on Stephanie (Part 2 of 2)

Stephanie and Tom

True friendship, to me, is a relationship beyond an acquaintance, business associate, or common friend. True friendship can traverse time, distance and other obstacles. I feel, best friends share a bond, not unlike, the best marriages.

Why do I say that? The qualities I recognize in a best friend are honesty, even when it hurts. A confidant in whom you can trust. A person you want to have in your life, year after year, to rejoice in the best of times and to carry you in the worst. As surely as the sun rises, you know your best friend will be there for you.

Stephanie and I met John, as he prepared to honor his best friend. His enthusiasm and genuine warmth made us feel like a welcome part of the Honor Ride for Mike. We were welcomed into a group of friends that embodied the ideals of friendship I’ve listed above. Throughout the ride, the stories shared amongst the group kept a smile on my face and made us feel like part of a wonderful community. While many of us couldn’t endure the 100-mile ride, John kept going. Did I mention commitment above? I should have. His commitment to honoring his friend is a level of commitment we should all aspire to. We felt blessed to have been able to participate in such a wonderful event and will look forward to continuing this tradition year after year.

As for me, I’ve found my best friend. And soon, I will get to marry her. I will always strive to embody the ideals of honesty, trustworthiness, reliability and commitment. It’s easy with Stephanie, she makes me a better version of myself and together we will seek out others that share our ideals and good nature. We found a number of true friends when we met John and those supporting his ride for friendship.

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