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Kelly and Olivia

Olivia and Kelly

When you ask me about my "best friends," I have many. I have my childhood best friend, my high school best friend, my "we did sports together" best friend, etc. Then I have my best friend who is My Person (as Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy would say). My Person is Olivia Wood.

We met my senior year of college at Louisiana State University. After having a couple tough years with friends and college, I left my current job and moved to Sullivan's Steakhouse. Olivia was my trainer at the steakhouse. After the first night of training and the "hey we are going next door for a cocktail and something to eat, wanna join?" I knew I already loved her. As my senior year progressed, we became closer. It became evident very quickly that she was becoming not just my friend, but my best friend. The kind of friend who you don't ask "do you want to hang out?" but rather "what are we doing tonight?" The type of friend who knows you better than yourself. The type of friend who is there for you before you knew you needed somebody to be there for you. The type of friend who has so many inside jokes that you have a belly ache from laughing.

After my senior year I moved back to Wilmington, NC. Olivia never knew she would spend most of her breaks from school and work in NC but I'm glad she does! When I got engaged she was that friend who made me feel like the most special bride ever. She helped me plan, she sent the most thoughtful gifts, she surprised me more times than not. For my bridal shower, she wasn't going to be able to come from Texas because the next weekend was my bachelorette party. When my mom asked me to go grab some groceries out of her trunk, there was my best friend, Olivia. Because she "wouldn't miss this for the world."

I could go on and on about the fun we have had in our friendship. But one thing I will say is when you find Your Person make sure you treat them just as good as they treat you. They are the friend who you will enjoy life with. You'll get excited to talk to this person every morning on your way to work. They are the friend who moves to Brisbane, Australia but you still make time to talk all the time, even though there is a 17 hour time difference.

I love you Olivia Wood! Thanks for being My Person!

Kelly and Olivia

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