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Madeline and Reagan

Madeline and Reagan

This past weekend, my wife and I had the good fortune to have our two beautiful granddaughters Madeline and Sarah spend the time with us on Bald Head Island. My oldest granddaughter, Madeline, and I had a really nice conversation about friends. Madeline is very familiar with the High Top Coaching business and hopes to be a coach for HTC in years to come.

I asked Madeline, "Who is your Mike?" Who is the friend that you honor, trust and love? Who is your friend that holds you to your truth and really get's you? We reviewed my story on the HTC website that I wrote about my friend Mike (

Here is Madeline's story:

Pops, My Mike is Reagan.

Reagan and I have known each other for a few years. Reagan is always so kind to me. Our friendship is built on trust, respect, laughter, and adventure. We are always interested in doing different activities together. There is no drama between us whatsoever. We can say and tell each other what is on our minds and never get offended by things we say. We really respect each other and our families. I know I can always count on Reagan and I know she knows I will always be there for her. That is how you felt about Mike, right Pops?

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