John is one of most genuine and authentic individuals I have had the pleasure to work with both personally and professionally. He has a unique ability to listen with interest and curiosity and yet respond with intensity and calmness. His energy is infectious and fun.  And his heart is full with kindness, wisdom and unconditional love. John Alexander is a quality human being in every sense of the word!


Jay Fox

Creative Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, California

Integrity, family man, businessman, teamwork, leadership and “Mean Joe Greene”. These are some of the words that describe and constitute, John Alexander. Well, the words, integrity, family man, businessman, teamwork and leadership are easily understood. It is not so telling with the name “Mean Joe Greene” or is it? He played for a football team and he was a leader. And, what about the name “Mean Joe Greene”; well that name was given to him because he played football and he kicked butt.  And yet, Joe Greene, the individual, was not so mean. Joe Greene had a strong optimistic posture about life and of course along with his infectious smile, was quite inspirational towards people.

That is John in a nutshell. Think back to the Coca Cola commercial, Mean Joe Greene, who indecently played for the 4 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, was the cornerstone to the famed Steel Curtain defensive front. He had a 6’ 4” 275-pound frame of muscle. And his persona was supposedly “Mean”. It was quite the opposite. In the commercial Mean Joe Greene said, with a smile, “hey kid” he then, tossed his jersey to the awestruck boy. The boy smiles back at him, with hope and inspiration, which anything is possible for him to achieve in life. I was the same age as the boy in the commercial. And I felt the same way, and I still do. So, how is this analogous to John? Just meet John and you’ll understand.


Mark "Magi" Namba

Director of Business Development / Operations

Strategic Analytics

Quantrax Corporation Inc

Jon Dupleiss

I have known John Alexander for more than 7 years and he has been a role model and inspiration in my life. Working with patients I realized how highly John is respected in our community. He is an amazing life coach and mentor. John inspired and touched many lives with his optimism and his positive attitude. His compassion and love for life is truly contagious. I am honored to not only call him a mentor but also a friend.


Jon Dupleiss


Accent Therapy and THRIVE

John’s positive and inviting energy is palpable from the moment you meet him. Within minutes of our introduction I found myself opening up to him about the state of transition I was in at the time: between my first and exhausting post-college job and beginning medical school. He asked me about my interests and ambitions with refreshing sincerity and, from that point on, has demonstrated his mastery at weaving together subtle guidance with undeniable wisdom. Whether he’s pushing me forward step by step as he runs beside me in a 5k, brainstorming ways to blend my career goals and outside interests, or texting me early morning reminders to live with mindfulness and courage, John’s presence in my life inspires me to be a better version of myself on a daily basis.


Ashley Adams

Duke University School of Medicine

Class of 2019

Cindy York

I have known John Alexander for several years and currently work with him as his attorney. John is both a very professional and very caring individual, with the tremendous gift of being able to engage and relate to people from all walks of life. He has a passion for helping others to gain clarity in addressing core life issues and reaching their goals. I am very excited to be a part of John’s vision and dream to help individuals achieve a fulfilled life.


Cindy York -

Attorney At Law

Wilmington, NC

Mr. A actively seeks opportunities to connect with people from all walks of life in meaningful, lasting ways. Loved by all, Mr. A is one of the most positive influences and impactful mentors in my life. I feel privileged to call him my confidant, friend, and role model.


Jacob Walker

Post Graduate Degree Program

University of Virginia

We on the ferry enjoy John's company. John is a real people person always with a smile and a quick little remark that will get the fun started. And then he really likes to stir it.


Eddie Dunlap

Ferry Boat Crew

John from High Top Coaching helped me by pulling out my own intrinsic core values and guided me when I was in a vulnerable and growing time in my life. His ability to use his energy and countless meaningful anecdotes made coaching a fun experience that I looked forward to.  John made it fun to challenge myself and grow in healthy ways as he guided me to explore my strengths, evaluate and reflect upon core values, and grow where weakness was identified. I can't thank John enough for all be has brought to me transiently and residually to my career and life.


Connor Ryan


Rejuvenated, focused and inspired are just a few words that describe how I feel after each interaction I have with John. Whether we speak on the phone, exchange an email or share a quick text, John combines his wisdom and passion that no doubt elevates me to the next level. John's coaching has truly improved both my personal and professional life! I'm grateful to have this man in my life!


Jen Pospisil

4 Seasons Fund Raising

Sales Consultant 

John is a charismatic, insightful, high energy friend, his effervescent positivity rubs off instantly...hard not to like this guy, and when you chat for any length of time, you are left in awe of his interest in helping make you, a better you ... uncovering the potential we all have within certainly makes John tick, and I can attest to how he helped and supported me through an important period of change and transition in my life. His time, interest in you, and results are priceless (as Mastercard would say).


Adrian T Stanley

Vice President

Digital Science

Former CEO of Charlesworth Group (USA)

John and I come from very humble beginnings. Our parents were really good people. They worked extremely hard to provide for us. They taught us that family was very important and that respect for all peoples was essential. Mother reminded us that someday it would be the two of us. I never realized the profound reality of that statement until both of our parents passed away. We both grieved them from our own soul and we have listened and learned from each other's vision of life then and now. How blessed John and I have been! We truly respect and love one another. We are always there for each other. We know how to pass on our rich heritage to others. We are storytellers. We are passionate about living good lives that are inclusive of all peoples. We are kids from the Bronx who never imagined the possibilities that awaited us. John went to India in the 1980's and was so moved by the needs of children on the streets that he went to a nearby hospital run by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and volunteered his time. John saved lives one night in Maine when there was a terrible boating accident. He heard screams and dove into the darkened waters and rescued people. He never told me of his heroism but only of his grave concern for the injured.


I have always been in awe of my brother, John. He was blessed with a beautiful disposition and courage. He was always kind and could intuit the pain or needs of others. John is a naturally gifted athlete. When John was about ten I asked him to let me take a photo of him and his trophies.  He was so embarrassed. For decades he didn't play for awards or records, though he has dozens. He played because he loved the game. Be the game - baseball, basketball, biking, tennis, croquet, marathon running, punt, pass or kick. As a scholarship athlete, John achieved All-Star status for the State of Maine for four years. My brother has always had a humble nature. He is very disciplined. He reads with a hunger for insight and knowledge. And he brings to every professional and personal interaction his true, genuine self. This past summer, I attended a presentation John made at a business meeting. He was poised, relaxed, confident, a great listener, informative and humorous. The meeting was held at the high school I teach in. My administrators were so impressed by John and the insights he shared and his energy. He did a sterling job. I teach in the Bronx. It was like coming home for John. If you seek a coach of impeccable character and great listening skills, a man of dignity, humility and compassion, take the time to work with my brother, John Alexander. 


Kathy Alexander

Director of the Christian Service Program & Theology Faculty

Cardinal Spellman High School

John has the capacity to convey a commitment to the individual. It's a commitment to listen, to strategize, and to inspire. He will explore with you an opening for change. Then motivate you to walk through it. John's range of experience and resources insures success. This is his commitment to you.


Dr. Denice Yanni

Ph.D. Communication

I worked with and was a student of John Alexander's for more years than I would like to admit. One of John's many strategies was the mantra of "team building" which is a necessary component for any organization, across any discipline. It was a pleasure to learn from John, one of the very best people I have had the pleasure to know and continue to befriend.


Keith J. Price

Executive Director - President, a Social Services Agency for Homeless Teens

John is the most inspiring and uplifting individuals I know. His positive outlook and ability to use real life stories to relate to his clients turns ideas and thoughts into reality. He challenges, questions then helps to create a game plan for your ideal life and business. You will be changed forever just by knowing John and what he is all about.


Todd Y Elgart

President of BRAX Ltd.

Wilmington, NC

I believe that John has lived his entire life to serve others. He believes in simple things, things like gratitude, living in the moment and having a sense of humor no matter what obstacles that life may throw at you. He treats everyone he meets with the same kindness and compassion.  There is a saying that goes, "he never met a stranger", and that statement applies to John 100%. When he speaks, you automatically want to hear what interesting story or lesson he has for you. He just has that magic. He doesn't even realize all the lives he has touched over the years just by being himself. I am lucky and proud to say that I have known John for 41 years. He is a one of a kind, he is my absolute hero and he is my DAD.


Jennifer Alexander Elgart


As a player and a coach, John Alexander always found a motivating way to gain positive results. John has a simple approach, he does common things uncommonly well, John Alexander knows his stuff, and he is the ultimate pro.


Robert J. Foley

Author of Go Hard or Go Home

Motivational Book 

In life, if you are lucky, you will come across a handful of people that truly inspire you.  For me, John Alexander is one of these people.  His experience, compassion and moral compass make him a tremendous leader, mentor and friend to me.


Anthony Overpeck


John thanks for the great conversations we’ve had over the last few years. Your mentorship, coaching and wisdom in general —combined with your great questions and faith in me, have made a huge difference in my life!


Ron Renaud

Coach and Author

You can’t start a fire without a spark and John Alexander is the spark you need to get going. John’s enthusiasm and approach to life will motivate you to push the envelope and reach beyond your limits. John is a Coach for Life that is just a call away.


Sam Mutz

National Football Commissioner

Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc.

Sean Pepin

Over the last several years I have been fortunate enough to develop a friendship with John due to a coincidental crossing of paths. Unlike so many other initial introductions in our busy and often self-absorbed world, I could sense a genuine interest and positive energy from John.  Since that initial introduction I have come to greatly appreciate my friendship with him, as he has become someone I can turn to in a time of question or uncertainty.  Like many approaching their mid-forties I had become discontent with the direction my life was taking and was wanting to pursue a path that would be more fulfilling for me and my family in the years to come. I felt he was a good person to approach on such matters because I had observed how he had been able to achieve many of his own goals both personally and in his own business ventures. When I turned to him for advise he was there with an open ear and willingness to assist. But instead of bombarding me with suggestions or trying to steer me in a particular direction he offered positive reinforcement and encouragement to look at what my ultimate desires were and what was truly important to me in life. His words and contagious positive outlook have been an inspiration that has helped me strive towards my goals and continue to feed the activities and achievements in life that fuel the soul.


Sean Pepin

Owner of Headquarters Bike and Outdoor -

and 2nd Home Solutions, a building solutions company

John Beausang

John is a wellspring of inspiration and practical advice. I can always count on him to expand my universe of possibilities, to help me reach for more fulfilling goals rather than settling for less. His energy is contagious.


John Beausang

Writer, Publisher and The Mullet Magazine


Dr Kenneth Donavan

What I appreciate most about John is his WILLINGNESS to play the game, and play it, with everything he's got! What else could anyone ask?


Dr Kenneth Donavan

Chief Executive Officer




Living away from home in the Coast Guard at New York City, it was hard to connect with anyone around me. So, I started talking to John Alexander for some guidance and help through these tough times. His positive attitude and willingness helped me stay positive in my time in New York. Not only did he give me a positive attitude; he gave me life lessons that I’ll carry for the rest of my life.


Zach Bright

3rd Class Yeoman, US Coast Guard


Ryan Dailey

John has a unique gift. Every time I talk with John he has a knack for recharging my positivity. My life has had recent challenges but John has been right there by my side through each one. He is an excellent mentor and friend. It is an honor to know John and I cherish each moment we have together. I wish I knew him for my entire life but I am eternally grateful for knowing him now.


Ryan Dailey -

Creative Director

BRAX Ltd. - Wilmington, NC

Tonya Deniz

The best coach is one who sees and unearths the authenticity in others and who exudes authenticity when in his presence. John Alexander is this coach. Together with his inviting and down-to-earth personality and genuine concern for helping people, John is the ideal coach. When first meeting John, you can’t help notice his gentle eyes and warm smile. This is the prelude for what follows — John’s light. Because he shines and doesn’t play small in anything he does, he gives others permission to do the same. In all my years working to develop others, I have not met anyone like John. He exemplifies being a lover of life and the people in it. I highly recommend John Alexander for anyone who is seeking personal growth and development to transform their life. 


Tonya Deniz

Co-Founder, Principal of Transitional Living Company, LLC


About Transitional Living Company

We are aging in place and senior relocation experts. The 4 pillars of our company include construction (using universal design for aging in place), real estate (for when it’s time to move) senior move management (for downsizing, decluttering & SMART moving) and education and training (for empowerment). Our “Transitions” reflects the 4th pillar, thought leadership, where we strive to empower proactive, older adults, their adult children and senior service providers about the growing number of life care resources that are emerging to assist engaged seniors who are reshaping aging.

Transitional Living Company



John has the training, experience and reputation as an outstanding life coach. But John the person is the game changer. He not only is intelligent, compassionate and trustworthy, he always seems to know what to say and when to say it. My working with him has consistently proven to be valuable and enjoyable. Based on a 5 star rating system I would give John 6 stars.


Len Miller

Retired Corporate Executive

Founder of The Wednesday Group - Helping People In Need

I've known John less than a year but it feels like we've been friends for years. He commands an ability to utilize conversation and storytelling to inspire and motivate. John gets to the heart of the matter by reminding you what matters in the heart. John Alexander is medicine for the soul!


Austin Aley

Christian, Husband, Father

Accomplished Sales Professional

I met John at a business function and after talking with him I immediately had the feeling I had known John my whole life. It was a friendship built on a business meeting. Not a week goes by I don't hear from John, something simple like a text just words of encouragement, and support not just for me but my family. Throughout the years many "regular" conversations have become inspirational, without John even realizing that. John has a passion for everything he does. John is one of the most positive, inspirational, and successful individuals I have ever met throughout my professional career, and in life.


Michael Poirier

John is pleasant and encouraging. He provides motivation and makes things interesting. Has a way of helping everyone feel that life is fun and that they are important. John includes everyone and he is very good at seeing the positive. He helps others find their own inner positivity.


Kelly Bright


For over 15 years I have watched John take an interest in, and mentor individuals from the company president to the newest customer service rep. He truly wants to help people find their voice and their inner strength. His help is unique in that he does not give anyone the answer, but helps guide his people to find their own answers.  He believes they all have the “right answer” within them…they just need help coming to that realization.


If you want the answer from John, he will not give it to you…even if he knows the answer.  He makes you figure out the right answer, thereby giving you the skills to use that same process again and again.


When any of us were speaking with John and he replied  “How’d that make you feel” we would just shake our heads and laugh, but in reality it was a very powerful answer, and it made us do some real reflection


I’ve been with John in the best of times and unfortunately the worst of times.  His expressions changed, and his moods changed, but his character never did.  He always did the right thing, especially when the wrong thing was the easiest and most expedient.


Roger Parent

John Alexander has been my friend for the past couple of years. But that is because I only met him recently. From the many meaningful talks, shared values, and his assistance for a family member, I would have been delighted and honored to have him for friend and partner for many years.


My business career, personal, spiritual, not for profit activities, and my rich family life have all helped me recognize true leadership, empathy, judgement and caring. John has all of these.


John acted as a coach for my Grandson in his process for post graduation choices. His listening skills and sincere interest in this young man was obvious and appreciated.


John could make a real difference for anyone looking for improvement ...


Dick Johnston

Retired Technology Executive / Entrepreneur; Not for Profit Leader / USCG Licensed Captain

I have known John since 2005. I will try to keep this brief, but I could write a book on John’s positive impact on my life in business, relationships, and personal development. We’ve had many foundational branches to our relationship; from a business to customer, to leader to employee, to a mutual life sounding board, but always as friends.


In a short sentence, I have never met anyone in my life that seemed to “unconditionally” care about another human being as much as John Alexander. In 2005 I was an executive banker for the 14th largest bank in the country. I traveled constantly to eight states and managed products for 650 branches. Let’s just say the job was nearly 24/7. On a visit to our state, John asked me at breakfast one morning if I was taking time to care for myself and my wife. Explaining I was successful in business, but was I enjoying it? Was I experiencing it? Was I living? At 237 lbs, high cholesterol and blood pressure, perhaps I may have lost some focus on some important items. A few years later I had informed John that I had started running, and that I had given much thought to my life and was moving to a state that I could be consistently active and enjoy my life more. John invited me to come out to North Carolina and run a half marathon the following year. I had never thought of doing such a thing, but he began to send me information and books to read on training for this type of run. I ended up running the marathon that year. This one conversation at breakfast, fast forwarded to today, has turned my life around completely. I have now run 11 full marathons, attempting to run a marathon in each state and now weigh 175 lbs, and take no medication. I enjoy every moment and day of my life – work, family, exercise, and feel empowered when overcoming adversity.


The amazing thing about John is he never gives you answers, he didn’t tell me I was overweight, unhealthy, and didn’t look happy. He didn’t say putting work success above everything else can have negative consequences on your spouse, children and relationships; but he provided questions which lead to constructive thought to know that it was possible to have it all! Simply, John just has a way of saying things that really make you think. The latest example of this was in a recent telephone call. While talking about a number of things, I mentioned in my last marathon I came away with an injury and had to take a number of months off to recover. The doctor said I could start running again, but I didn’t have any confidence in that muscle. I further explained I scheduled a marathon in May, but wasn’t sure about it. John made a few remarks, but quickly moved on to invite me to come out and run an ultra marathon with him next year. Odd, now I am excited to go run in May and trying to choreograph training for an ultra.


Why is this important when considering using High Top Coaching? It’s because in business, relationships, education, and in health, John provides thought provoking questions allowing one to see “clearly” in the moment. This typically allows someone to remove self constructed roadblocks and unlocks their true potential.


Joel Reader

President of Two Seasons Tax and Bookkeeping & Default Services Manager

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