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This professional service focuses on developing executive, manager, and employee skills needed to drive and manage change. John will support and assist in building highly motivated and productive teams within your organization. He has the skill to manage challenging and complex situations with a high level of self-awareness.


John has over 30 year's experience working in and with companies on the following:


  • Identify leaders in the company and evaluate if their individual leadership style coincides with the organization's goals for success

  • Provide insight into skill development relating to how people in the organization communicate and interact

  • Create specific measurements for team and individual success

  • Coach team leaders and members for improved performance

       and contentment

  • Teach time management and organizational support

  • Communication and Listening Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Sales Training and Development

  • Customer Service Training

  • Sensitivity Training

  • Marketing and Branding


Every company is different and High Top Coaching will develop a custom program to fit the specific goals and objectives to achieve success within your organization.


For business coaching questions or to get started,  





or call 910-200-7219.

Business Coaching
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