John is extremely passionate about health and wellness. He has been an athlete his entire life and is currently active in endurance running, cycling, stand up paddle boarding and, most recently, has picked up the sport of competitive croquet. John has mentored many people over the years and supported them in behavioral changes relating to diet, nutrition, and exercise. John's wife, Janice, partners with him in regard to health and wellness. Janice completed a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition at Cornell University. She is a certified beekeeper and top rate cook, making sure all meals served in their home are consistent in fueling the body with organic and healthy foods.


High Top Coaching offers health and wellness and sport coaching in the following areas:


  • Identifying your core values regarding health and wellness

  • Awareness of food choices and diet

  • Sleep support and its role in health and wellness

  • Exercise: creating a consistent and long standing game plan for health and enjoyment

  • Meditation and mindfulness practice

  • Working on one's own mindset, which is the key to sustainable health and wellness

  • Mastering your sport: creating habits and goals to achieve success in whatever the sport in which you choose to participate, recreational or competitive


John works with all age groups in this area and coaches in a highly motivated, passionate and accountable format.


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