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Take the Shots

Take the Shots

I was coaching a young boy on the basketball court this morning. His dad drives up to the court to pick him up after our session. Son says, "Hey Dad, you know what?" Dad says, "What, son?" "Coach saw his friend drive by today when we were working out and yells to him to come shoot a shot at the basket. Coach's friend turns around and drives right up on to the court and from 3 point range misses the first shot. Then he pulled up his shirt that was tucked into his pants. Takes the second shot and makes it, All Net. He then turns around gets in his cart and drives off." "Coach says this guy very rarely misses two shots in a row. Do you know why, Dad?"

Dad says, "Why?"

The son responds, "Because he knows how to make the adjustment."

"Dad it is just like coach says: If you miss the shot, let it go and make the adjustment." Father gives me a fist bump 👊. They drive off. I am still smiling. Life is about living, taking the shots and making the adjustments. Coach

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