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Manners in the Moment


We were taught well by our folks to never forget our manners. Here are a few reminders that may assist us on enjoying the moments of our day.

Hold the door for ladies and others

Let them go ahead of you, always

  • Say Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night to people

  • Ask people, "Are you having a good day?"

  • If you are asked if your having a good day, respond with affirmative,"Yes, thank you and you?"

  • Say Please

  • Say Thank you

  • Say Excuse Me

  • Say You're Welcome

  • Speak your mind but speak with kindness

  • Be positive and passionate

  • Negativity is very unattractive

  • Never criticize people behind their backs

  • Choose your words carefully before speaking

  • When others are talking, really listen, let them finish their thoughts

  • Have patience with yourself and others

  • We are all in this together

Remember...The Time is Now Be kind to yourself and others Coach Share comments to

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