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Best Friends - Cami and Karen

Karen moved from Boston with her hubby and two kids. Underwhelmed to be in Charlotte she was stuck with me as her neighbor and soon to be carpooler. When Karen was 39, she was diagnosed with a myxoma which was a large tumor in her heart. After having unexplained symptoms for several months, I remember the morning she was having an ultrasound done of her heart. The findings wkoere devastating and within 24 had her chest cracked open to remove the tumor. While she quickly packed her bag, she looked at me and said "Cami, I'm only 39 and not ready to die". My soul cried for her and with Gods grace, the surgery was successful. That event was the beginning of a love affair between us girls.

We have shared countless memories, laughs and even the suicide of a great friend Nov 2014. She and I are able to take respite in each other which is a blessing from God.

She is and always will be my Ya-Ya sister !!!!


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