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Best Friends (and Sisters) - Mary Jo and Claudia

I have had one best friend my entire life – my older sister, Claudia. Granted, there were a few years when we didn’t really like each other, but she is always my first call when I am in trouble, scared or just lonely.

Mary Jo and Claudia

She is also my hero. 28 years sober, she credits Alcoholics Anonymous with her saving her life, and has sponsored hundreds of women over the years. She literally helps repair broken lives each and every day. At open AA meetings, I love to hear her speak because her story is, in large part, my story. Somehow, I won the genetic addiction lottery, but she is way smarter and much skinnier than I will ever be.

Claudia and I definitely share a dark and twisted sense of humor. My younger son once warned me that, “You and Aunt Claudia laugh at things that nobody else thinks is funny.” That is the single greatest compliment I have ever received. I am so lucky to have someone to go through life laughing with.

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