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Madeline #21

Madeline #21

This is a photo of my granddaughter Madeline. She is playing basketball for her 7th-8th grade team this year. Madeline selected 21 as her number and as a tribute to my high school and college career--I wore Number 21 throughout my playing days.

Madeline is a wonderful player and student and excels in most of her endeavors.

Last week Madeline was playing in a game and her opponents were very talented and scrappy. There were about two minutes left in the first half when one of Madeline's teammates was fouled and went down to the floor pretty hard. Her teammate didn't get up, and the referee and coach came running to see if she was ok. At the same time, Madeline rushed to her teammate and never left her side. When her teammate was able to get up and go to the bench, Madeline walked her over.

I was so proud of Madeline's reaction of not leaving her teammate's side. Scoring points, getting rebounds, making great assists are all part of the wonderful game of basketball; however, never leaving a teammate's side is what really matters.

I called Madeline that evening and told her how much I love her, and how very proud of her I am. She said, "Pop I love you and no worries, I will never leave a teammate or friend who needs help."

Just needed to share this.

A very proud grandfather,


P.S. Madeline's team won that game. 👍

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