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Brandy and her brother, Charles - Honoring Friends

A great story about how Brandy immediately knew that her little brother would be her best friend.

Brandy and her brother, Charles

My best friend came into my life when I was 3 and 1/2, as my little brother, Charles. When my long time friend John asked me to send a photo of my best friend and our story, he knew, as everyone knows, there was no question to who it would be. I was blessed enough, lucky enough, and so thankful to have my best friend brought into my life as my little brother. I truly believe that souls are born and reborn together, in groups, so that through eternity you are with your people, the ones who love you. Your true soul mates are brought together in every life. Together you have the opportunity of enduring all the ups and downs of life. You share special moments together, encourage each other, and your soul mate always reminds you who you are.

When I was 3 and ½ years old my brother, Charles, was born into this world. Little did I know that this adorable special baby would immediately and always be the sunshine to my day. It was as if our souls recognized each other right away. Sometimes I meet people that know my brother and have not yet met me, or know me and have not met my brother and they ask if I am Charles’ sister and ask Charles if he is my brother, people can sense it and see it. We are so much a part of each other and so much the same. It is funny that the photos of my mom being pregnant with my brother and me standing next to her told the story that I was absolutely not happy to be having a little brother. Maybe at 3 and 1/2 I loved the attention of being the only child. But, in the first photo, minutes after Charles was born, the pride, love and joy was written all over my face. I remember my life up to this point all in memories with Charles, and know that will continue to be.

He is the kindest, sweetest, most open and loving person I know. He inspires me everyday to love life, be kinder, open up and trust. His infectious joy, kindness, and happiness make him the greatest person to be around. His passion for living life to the fullest is beyond words. In moments of crisis, happiness, sadness, anything, he is the first one I reach for. It seems he knows me better than I know myself. I guess that is how little brothers are, we spend our whole life watching out and caring for them, being the "big sister," and little do we know they are learning from us, caring for us just the same, and get to know us deeper than we know ourselves. He is the one who calls me, or I call him, to say "go out and just look at the sky," I think our bond come from the knowledge that this short opportunity to live and love this life comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and we are always thankful for each other and the time we have here, looking at the immense sky with all of its opportunities, wonders and magic reminds us to live.

Thank you, John, for inspiring me to put on paper how special my relationship with my best friend is, these little reminders help me stay in touch with how beautiful and special this moment in time is. <3

Brandy Ather

Hampstead Yoga Studio, Owner

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