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Austin and his boys playing Around the World

From Austin:

My boys and I love to play the time honored backyard game "Around the World". Thinking about the game recently it sorta mimics some life lessons I try to impart on the young bucks. The goal of the game is to hit shots from specific areas "around" the court from one end to the other. If a shot is missed you can "chance it", but a miss sends you back to the start to try all over again.

Austin and his boys playing Around the World

In life, we are placed in many specific positions in the world in which there are choices. Some are "easy to make" and help propel you forward. Other decisions require deeper evaluation and patience in order to make the right call. My boys will always know that whatever choices they make in life (good and bad), they will have the unconditional love and support of their parents and their God. They will also be shown the grace of 'second chances'.

Austin and his boys playing Around the World

In the game of around the world - as in life -they will need to LEARN how to win....but they gotta get by their old man first!!


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